Nicole Woolhouse &
Harriet Cleverly


April 2008

Registered as a Charity:

January 2009 (Charity Number 91/9824)

Past Box of Hope collections:

November 2008  1,200 Boxes collected
November 2009  2,300 Boxes Collected
November 2010  6,500 Boxes Collected
November 2011  13,000 Boxes Collected
November 2012  17,727 Boxes Collected
November 2013  19,500 Boxes Collected
November 2014  21,000 Boxes Collected
November 2015  24,000 Boxes Collected
November 2016  27253 Boxes Collected
November 2017  32251 Boxes Collected


CHINA - Half the Sky.
MACAU - Caritas School, Evangelista, KA Ho School, Missionaries of Charity, Mong Ha.
HONG KONG - Mother's Choice, Harmony House, Po Leung Kuk, Emergency care ward, HKSPC, The Duchess of Kent Children's Hospital, SOCO, Hong Kong Adventist Hospital Foundation, TREATS, Christian Action, Caritas Lok Yi School, Small Group Homes, Home of Loving Faithfulness, Enlighten Action, Hong Kong Child & Youth Services, ISSHK, Tung Wah Hospitals SGH. Salvation Army. Vision First. Hip Hong. Pathfinders. Saviour Lutheran School for Mentally Disabled Children, Kowloon. Princess Grace Children's Hospital & The Adventist Hospital Foundation, HK.
PHILIPPINES - International Care Ministries.
CAMBODIA - Angkor Hospital for Children, The Cambodian Children's Fund, This Life Cambodia & FCOP, Mothers Heart, M'Lop Tapang.
NEPAL - Child Welfare Scheme.
THAILAND - Asian Centre Foundation
Vietnam - Loreto Vietnam

Next Box of Hope Project:

November 2019

Box of Hope

was started by Nicole Woolhouse and Harriet Cleverly in 2008 from a desire to teach their own 6
children the gift of giving.

One of the aims of the project is to encourage children ranging from 3 to 18 years to be aware of
their environment/community and show them how they can help make a difference. In addition
to providing educational and fun gifts for children in need throughout Asia.

Box of Hope works with schools, children’s organisations and private enterprises across Hong Kong.
For further information please contact: siantaylor1@boxofhope.org

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