Box of Hope is run entirely by Volunteers. So if you think you have time to spare and would like to help here are the ways you can:
  1. Volunteer to be a Box of Hope co-ordinator in your School or Company
  2. Run a Box of Hope Party at home (Invite all your friends and make boxes together!)
  3. Hold a fundraising activity for Box of Hope
  4. Volunteer a team to come to our Storage offices to label and pack boxes for shipping to our recipients.
  5. More people are always needed amongst our small band of friendly volunteers, in organising Box of Hope behind the scenes. Do let us know if you would like to be MORE involved - it is a relatively minor commitment over the year, with a short busy period happening around Oct/Nov each year. [In particular we need help in the following areas Media & PR, a volunteer coordinator]. Please get in touch with me if you’d like to explore further. Email or tel 9387 9104.
If you are interested please drop us an email outlining which area you would like to help with and why.

For more information

Please contact
Sian Taylor