Box of Hope was started by Nicole Woolhouse and Harriet Cleverly in 2008 from a desire to teach their own 6 children the gift of giving.

Our mission is to give a child in extreme poverty the chance to experience the joy of receiving a gift. 

While at the same time teaching Hong Kong school children the concept of poverty in an easily understandable way.  Through the simple act of packing a box of gifts and essential items for a child who doesn’t have what they have. Philanthropy has positive effects not only for children but also for the family and society more generally.

Box of Hope is a registered Hong Kong charity run by volunteers with the support of the Hong Kong community.

For further information please contact:

Nicole Woolhouse & Harriet Cleverly

April 2008

Next Box of Hope Project:
November 2020

Registered as a Charity:
January 2009 (Charity Number 91/9824)



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